Ever since my trip to Paris this summer, I’ve been a little extra obsessed with the perfect striped shirt. And, in a kismet sort of way, it seems that every retailer/blogger/fashion editor now sees the stripe as a total basic wardrobe staple.  As in: pair it with a floral print!  Wear it under a serious blazer!  Or, use it as a base for that fabulous statement necklace that always seems tricky to pull off.  Is this iconic French look now a standard for us Americans? I sure hope so, as I think I just counted 12 of them in my closet this afternoon… (yikes, time for a purge I think!) Here’s a roundup of some favorite ways to wear it.


Stripes and Floral Skirts

One combo I’m seeing constantly, especially on Pinterest, is the pairing of stripes and florals.  I love it for it’s playful and carefree nature, as it really lets the wearer walk that line between whimsical and fashion forward.  It seems to me that as long as you match your stripes to at least one color in that floral bouquet, and tuck in the top for a bit of polish, you’re good to go.



stripes chilly

I love the addition of a stripe to Fall staples, as it kind of kicks it up a notch.  Layering a long sleeve stripe under a solid poncho so that you see just a peek of print is one of my new favorite looks. And I’m a sucker for fresh looking wool jackets this time of year… plain old black or brown can get old all season long!



multi color stripes runway

Stripes that walk the modern art line are kind of great… the mix of colors can be endless, and it’s a little more of a high fashion approach. I’ve found some great options at Zara this season, if you need that runway to realway feel, but aren’t looking to break the bank.



celebrity stripes

When celebrities start wearing the trend, you know it’s here to stay.  SJP is one of the best, and whenever I see her exiting her West Village home looking all Carrie Bradshaw-like, I know it’s an outfit that’s worth a second study.  Love the stripe on printed stripe idea, along with the fact that it looks a bit vintage.  Olivia Palermo is another that’s always dressed to a tee, and this is a super chic relaxed combo she’s got going on.  Again, keeping a strong primary color story seems to be the way to pull this off effortlessly.



prints and stripes final

More stripe artsy-ness! An abstract print goes a long way when paired with a basic stripe.  I’m pretty into the idea of your standard work shirt as the base… I have so many in my closet and often get bored with them.  This is a great way to spice things up this Fall!




I’m more than obsessed with statement jewelry, but it can be a little intimidating to know how to wear some of these pieces. This is a great approach above.  Simple stripe top, major necklace, and oversized sunglasses.  Easy as pie!




isabel marant fall 2015 rtw

Another longtime favorite: the striped sweater – bonus points for the addition of buttons on the neckline. Michael Kors has got Glam Americana down to a science, and this little lineup of Supermodels before his show really hits it home. I’m also pretty into bare leg with boots… this year I’m embracing the act of layering, and waiting as long as possible to don tights or leggings, as it feels so much more feminine to show just a little skin as the temps drop.



jenna 1

jenna 3

jenna 2

And, last but not least, the queen of all things striped, Jenna Lyons.  She’s pretty much solely responsible for bringing the basic stripe top back into the wardrobes of countless American women, and encouraging us all to be a bit more daring with this staple.  I love the fact that this woman really lives and embodies her brand, and it’s easy to trust her direction when she’s out there test driving the pieces that end up in our mailboxes every month in the form of J. Crew’s gorgeous catalog. Follow JL’s lead, and you’ll never go wrong.




In honor of the blustery Friday we’re having here in Seattle, I thought I’d post a few of my favorite rainy day moments.  Here’s hoping that these April showers really do bring May flowers!


ralph lauren

Life is always more glamorous in Ralph Lauren campaigns.  Love the sharp look of black and white on a stormy day.


B at T

Perhaps one of the most iconic downpours.  Everytime I watch it, I’m reminded I need a classic tan belted trench coat for weather like this.


Rain or Snow

Can’t tell if this is rain or snow, but either way it’s ridiculously fabulous.


rain watch

An ideal spot to cozy up into and watch the rain come down.


Taylor Swift Rain

Ever since Taylor Swift moved to New York, and became best friends with Karlie Kloss, her style has been right on point.


fruit umbrellas

Bright, poppy, fruit-inspired umbrellas would be sure to lift one’s mood on a dreary day like today.


rainy cabin in ontario apartement thearpy

The perfect destination for a rainy vacay… I can imagine stacks of reading material and steaming cups of coffee in front of a roaring fire.


Richard Avedon Rain

Richard Avedon documenting rainy Paris in the 60’s.  So chic!


Gossip Girl Rain

I still miss Gossip Girl for all that soap opera drama, draped in couture.  Can’t they make a movie version already??



THE staple for a rainy, muddy day.  Hunter boots are by far the easiest way to look good when the weather is a nightmare.  Loving the girly floral socks peeking out for an extra touch of style.


free people rain

Summer rainstorms always inspire adventure and travel.  This image is full of that breezy, carefree quality we all crave come warmer seasons.


kate middleton

All our favorite British fashionistas are well versed in staying chic while navigating temperamental weather, something I’m sure they encounter on a daily basis.  It can’t hurt to have a Prince hold your umbrella for you though!


rain hideout

What a perfect spot to duck into to wait out a storm… an oasis of color and comfort.


kate moss 2

Kate Moss, the holy grail of style, looking like this in a mudpit… amazing and infuriating all at the same time!  We’ll never stop watching her step out, she nails it every time and inspires legions of women to look their very best no matter what the situation.



images — Ralph Lauren –  Buzz Feed –   Glam Radar – Apartment Therapy Jelanie ShopVogue


Jewelry is a constant obsession for most women… finding that dainty piece that’s perfect on a daily basis, or the occassional knock out statement necklace that adds instant glam is all part of the fun of dressing and being feminine.  I recently met jewlery designer Jeri Warlick, and fell hard for her unique and sculptural collections.  Jeri moved to Seattle from Little Rock just over a year ago, and I decided to pay a visit to her studio, meet her charming family, and discuss all things creative and sparkly.


Tell us a bit about why you started this line?  

Initially, in my 20’s I was just designing and making things for fun that I loved and wanted to wear.  People started asking if they could buy the jewelry, and it eventually evolved into an entire business that has enabled me to live a creative life.  The Patina line that I introduced this Fall was all about embracing change.  I had just moved from Little Rock to Seattle… quite a switch, and it was inspiring to constantly force myself to be open to the unknown, that being out of one’s comfort zone can often result in the most beautiful and exciting things. The line reflects this with it’s simplicity of materials, and modern carved out metals.  A more serious type of adornment.

How do you stay inspired?  

Travel is the most important way I maintain my creativity.  Being out in nature, discovering unusual places, or getting off the beaten path thrills me.  I love a good vintage or second hand store…digging through the ruffage to find that gem, and seeing it transformed into something stylish gets my creativity flowing.  I love watching the way street style evolves, and all the different ways young people spin it for themselves.  Of course, African prints and textiles are a huge part of what I look to in my designs….my beaded earrings and strong metal chokers are heavily influenced by this part of the world.  Authentic people and good, structurally sound design are in there too.

Jeri's Supplies

As a mother, how do you balance your work and personal life?

I am very spiritual in my life.  I meditate every single day, and try to maintain that feeling of being grounded to the earth we walk on.  I try to focus more on the process of the work then the outcome, and to revel in the feeling of creating something.  I try to apply this same thing to raising children…enjoy the every day, the process of helping them grow into adults.  And, art is something that we make a part of family life.  Both of us are artists, and we teach our children to incorporate that into their every day as well.  It’s a major value in our family life.

jeri at home

When you’re not at work, or with your family, where can we find you?

Ha, at work!  My studio is a part of our home, so the two are very married.  If not there, which is rare, I’m outdoors somewhere taking a walk or enjoying coffee or a great happy hour with friends.


Where have you traveled lately that sparks your creativity?

It’s not a long trip, but recently I’ve been very inspired by Discovery Park, which is right near our home in Seattle.  You can take long walks in the woods, or hike down to the beach…it’s an incredible place that I find endlessly fullfilling.  Having the ability to watch the tide come in and out, watching that ebb and flow in nature, keeps me grounded but also reminds me of what beauty we have around us every day.


What is your next big adventure?

We’re headed to Yosemite National Park for Christmas.  I’ve been inspired lately by John Muir’s writings and adventures, and would love to bring that into my next collection.  We’re planning on camping with our 5 year old, connecting with the energy of the place, and just see where it all goes from there. Peru is also on the list.

Tell us a bit about your daily routine?  Take us through your day.  

I start every day with a bit of meditation…it centers me before a full schedule takes over. Opening the doors right away to the smell of the Sound is wonderful, and of course, coffee in a French Press is a daily must.  I usually sit and write out a few thoughts in my journal quickly, and then cook breakfast for my family…perhaps my favorite routine of all, and one I will do no matter how rich and famous I might become!  Every day for me changes with new orders coming in overnight, possible clients to meet with, production needs to address.  I spend the entire day working until we meet back together as a family for a home cooked dinner.

Jeri at work and home

Favorite local food and drink haunts?

El Camino for their delicious Margaritas and Mexican food!  I love anything spicy, and all the great ethnic food options we have here in Seattle are amazing.

Any artists, designers, or creatives that you look up to?

I love Ralph Lauren’s story…very grassroots and well branded from the start.  Kate Spade really made something out of nothing.  And Alexander McQueen for embracing the darkness in his life and turning it into something beautiful until there was no more.

jewelry and family

How would you describe your style?  

“Easy and unexpected”.  A good cocktail dress, stilletos, worn in jeans with a goodwill tee and sharp blazer.  I love going out at night, straight from working in the studio all day with just some lipstick and a great shoe added for a hint of glamour.


If you’re in the market for a last minute Holiday gift, take a look at Jeri’s incredible works of art, and reach out to her here.


All images by Carlton Canary

Fashion is a tricky thing here in the Northwest.  This time of year, as we transition from Fall into the early stages of Winter, we’re met with so many weather variables…pouring rain one day, crystal clear and warm the next, that it’s hard to plan in advance.  To combat this, sometimes I collect images of great outfits, and have them ready to reference on days when I just can’t come up with a SINGLE thing to wear.
Enter our style expert, Lana Kraljevich.  A stylist and model in the Seattle area, Lana is constantly showing up in the coolest outfit around. The best part is that she’s a devoted vintage and thrift shopper, and mixes those great finds with pieces from stores we all know and love….high/low fashion at it’s best!  I thought it would be incredibly helpful to have her demonstrate a few awesome looks for Fall that we can all turn to on those fashion down days.


Look 1 – The Midi Dress

The length of this new trend is fabulous.  You can easily wear it into colder temps, by simply adding a pair of tights, or a riding boot, and still maintain that floaty feminine feel.
Yellow Midi Dress with Leather Jacket

 Dress: Zara    Jacket: Vintage/Similar here    Shoes:  Maguba at Urban Outfitters



Look 2 – Robe Inspired Coats

We’ve seen these on the runway a ton this season…jackets that wrap and fold around the body in artful ways.  Such a pretty look that can go both dressy or casual.

Cream Robe Jacket Fashion

Coat: Vintage/Similar here    Jeans: Gap    Shirt: Vintage/Similar here    Shoes: Urban Outfitters


  “There is nothing more exciting than finding a designer dress or a funky vintage coat for a smidgen of the price it was when it was new.”  –Lana


Look 3  – Pastels and Leather

Kind of a nice way to bring in some lightness this time of year.  Sometimes we get caught up in wearing all darker hues as Autumn and Winter approach, and it’s nice to occasionally throw in some pastel, which is right on trend.  Leather is an easy way to add a little edge to the whole thing.

Pastel and Leather Fashion Sweater: J.Crew    Jeans: Gap    Jacket: Vintage    Shoes: Rachel Comey




Look 4 – Mad for Plaid

Since we’re in Seattle, we of course have to pay homage to our grunge roots.  Such a definitive era in Northwest pop culture, and it’s fun to bring in a touch of that from time to time.  The velvet tee lends a bit of glam, and makes it a wearable combo for Fall temperatures.  Fuzzy jackets are a nice textural contrast to the whole look.
Plaid Dress with Tee FashionDress: Vintage/Similar here    Tee: American Apparel    Boots: Rachel Comey    Coat: Vintage/Similar here


 “Thrift shopping can be overwhelming. I never try to go on a day when i have a lot on my plate, and I make sure I don’t just look in my size section…browse all sizes because things easily get put in the wrong place.”  -Lana 


Look 5 – Animal Prints

Animal prints are such a classic.  I think you can really pair it with everything, and a lot of that is due to the fact that you’re dealing with a mix of neutral colors…tans, blacks, and browns all in one print.  Easy to throw on over lots of different clothing, especially when the style of the jacket is quite tailored, such as this one below.
Leopard Jacket with Plaid FashionCoat: Vintage/Similar here    Jeans: Gap    Shirt: Old Navy    Boots: Sam Edelman


“One of my favorite places to shop for that perfect pair of denim is the Gap. They have good basics and great sales. Zara is also very up to date on the latest trends and the prices are never too far out of reach.”  -Lana 


Look 6 – Menswear Inspired

Hard to call this one a trend, as it’s been a favorite of women since Annie Hall debuted on the big screen so many years ago.  But it comes back in lots of different ways, and it’s fun to try them all out.  Oxfords, like the ones Lana wears here are wonderful for their ease, yet polish off the look quite nicely.
Menswear Inspired Fashion Shirt: Elizabeth and James   Jeans: Gap Boyfriends    Blazer: Vintage/Similar here    Shoes: Steven




Look 7 – Sport-Chic

The comfort of this outfit is unbeatable, yet it still looks sort of glam!  We love the idea of a great sneaker, and there are so many now that have that sleek fashionable look…Nike most of all.  Switch it out for a heel, add some festive jewelry, and you’re all ready for a night of dancing.
Sporty Chic FashionTank: Vintage/Similar here   Skirt: H & M    Shoes: Nike    Jacket: Vintage/Similar here


Photos by Carlton Canary