Happy Memorial Day everyone!  I hope there are sunny skies, delicious BBQ, and sparkling beverages in your life today.  A few things from the web to make you smile…


Kate Spade has been making short films called #missadventure, and their latest stars Anna Kendrick, who is mistaken for Lily Tomlin’s meditation instructor.  These are such fun to watch, full of that pretty and poppy look that Kate Spade is so famous for, with Anna Kendrick as charming as ever.  Not to mention the product placement throughout, like that fabulous pink flamingo one piece… needing that thing now!



This recipe for Quinoa, Mint and Stone Fruit Salad from the blog, A House In The Hills is delicious!  The author, Sarah Mora always comes up with the best healthy, yet flavorful dishes that are easy to follow and always crowd pleasers.  This one’s perfect for the season, and of course, looks beautiful on the table.



Just picked up a couple of these fringed pillows at West Elm, and they’ve added such a nice pop of color and texture to the couch, plus they’re on sale this weekend.



I started in on this series over the weekend and I’m definitely hooked.  If you like food and travel and restaurants, start watching Chef’s Table now.  It’s an original Netflix series, with each episode taking you into the kitchen of a world famous chef.  They proceed to delve into their history and personal lives and explore the way food has shaped their story and vision.  Inspiring and beautiful to watch.


Reading is one of my all time favorite activities, and I’m one of those people that likes to have a few different books going at once.  I distinctly remember my 5th grade teacher telling me I should really finish one book before starting the next, but I just can’t seem to help it.  I love the feeling of diving into a new story, or a publication full of beautiful images and discovering something new.  Because I seem to always have an average of four books going at once, I try to keep all of them pretty diverse… one riveting novel, one that’s a bit more serious or informative and of course, a couple sources for visual inspiration.  Below is what’s on the current rotation, all of which I highly recommend.

nightstand 2

 1)  China Dolls, by Lisa See.  This is one of those great page turners you can really get lost in.  It’s told from the perspective of three Asian American women living in San Francisco throughout World War II.  It delves into the complex relationship these women have, and gives a lot of perspective on what it was like to be Chinese and Japanese during this part of American history.  It also has a touch of glamour as they all work in the entertainment industry, which is of course fun to read about.  Great writing and an interesting story!

2)  Jerusalem, by Yotam Ottolenghi and Sami Tamimi.  I’m one of those people that actually reads a cookbook from cover to cover just for fun.  Dreaming about new recipes to try and learning about different ways to prepare meals is so entertaining to me… and I often can’t get over how incredible the food styling is in so many cookbooks.  I’ve tried a few of the recipes from this book already, and love how fresh and bright the food tastes and can’t wait to test out a few more.


Nightstand 1

 3)  The Curve of Time, by M. Wylie Blanchet.  I picked this book up on a day trip to the San Juans recently, and really fell hard for it.  I’d never heard of this story, but it’s truly fascinating.  It is non-fiction, written by a woman in British Columbia named Muriel  who was left a widow in 1927.  She decided to pack up her five children and dog onto a 25 foot boat, and cruise around the coastal waters of Canada every summer for 15 years.  The book is basically her log from this time, with each chapter telling a different tale of their exploration and adventure.  The area was more remote then and the stories reflect the more simple time, which is quite interesting to think about as this area of the world is expanding at such a rapid pace.  I love this book because  it’s the story of a very independent and self sufficient woman, who had a lot of responsibility, but managed to live life to the fullest.  Quite an inspiration!

4)  Domino Magazine.  The Spring 2015 issue is on stands, and I couldn’t get my hands on it fast enough.  Domino is so great at speaking to a younger demographic that has a more carefree and eclectic sense of style then some of the other longer established design magazines.  They understand that a lot of readers are on a budget, so they’re quite good at catering their content to reflect that, while still being very aspirational.  Plus they often mix in recipes or fashion here and there for fun.  Lots to take away from this issue… very excited to officially be thinking about Spring and Summer decor!


I’m always on the hunt for new reading material… any recommendations you’d like to pass along?  We’d love to hear it!!


This weekend was productive and relaxing at the very same time, and full of sunshine to boot… you can’t get much better then that!  A few tidbits gathered from the internet that I thought you might enjoy…



Garance Dore, one of my all time favorite authorities on style, turned 40 this past week.  Her “Letter to My 20 Year Old Self” was such a joy to read… full of self reflection, honesty and inspiration to all women as we navigate that tricky thing called age.



Nepal has been on the minds of so many this week, and it can be confusing to try and help those who are so far away.  I found this site to be very informative if you want to take action.


pot radish salad

Spring is really truly here, and with it comes the very best kind of cooking.  Everything is so fresh and vibrant, and it seems to taste brand new all over again.  Fingerling potatoes have been on heavy rotation in our house lately, and I’m loving this new combination with avocados and radishes by Cannelle et Vanille.



Anthropologie just released their May lookbook, and it is of course, perfectly fabulous.  All those beautiful muted shades mixed with white are making me want to throw out everything in my closet that even resembles winter.  They really manage to know exactly what it is that women want to be wearing, at exactly the right time.


flight car

With lots of summer travel coming up on us fast, we’ve been trying to research the smartest ways to and from the airport, always a hassle no matter how hard we try to plan ahead.  We came across a new service called Flightcar, which is playing upon the Airbnb and Uber model of using the resources that are already available to most of us.  Basically, you get to leave your own car at their lot for free, and while you are gone, it might be rented out to someone to drive while they are in your home town, which you get paid for.  You always get free parking and a car wash, even if it’s never used.  How cool and efficient is that?!



Always obsessed with everything that Anna Sheffield makes, but these gold hoop earrings with white topaz stones are making me particularly happy.


alex of venice

Venice is one of my favorite parts of LA to visit with it’s laid back charm and easy beach feel. Every time I’m there, I love to play that game of imagining my life in the bohemian mecca of Southern California.  This film will definitely be one I’m going to curl up with on a rainy Seattle afternoon.  “Alex of Venice” looks honest, well written, and beautifully filmed… there aren’t enough movies out there that speak to women on this level, and I can’t wait to see it.


As the season officially shifts to Winter, I’ve been drawn more and more to a softer color palette.  Icy Pink has been striking a chord lately, as I love the way it combines with all things holiday.  A few ideas on ways to bring this pretty hue into your life…..


Pretty Pink Drinks

I love the idea of using metallic accents to create a holiday story with these pretty pink drinks.



Diana Vreeland Painting

A new art site,  Buddy Editions has just popped up all over the blogosphere.  Created by Katie Armour, of the awesome blog The Neo-Trad,  the site offers limited editions by new artists from all over the world, at an affordable price.  Such a great way to find pieces that will complete that gallery wall you might have been working on, or perfect for a holiday gift!  I’m loving the painting above of Diana Vreeland by Miyuki Ohashi….so glam!




Jaipur Pink 1

Jaipur, India is on the top of my travel list.  Called “The Pink City”, due to all of the pink stone used to build the majority of the citie’s structures, it is a hub for all types of arts and crafts.  Image via Travel + Leisure




Pink Dress Looks

I’ve been seeing gorgeous party dresses in shades of Blush.  Found these sparkly options from Anthropologie, Ann Taylor, Nasty Gal




Pink Pearl Apple Pie

I’m excited to try some new baking this year.  Pink Pearl Apple Pie sounds and looks delicious, added bonus for matching your dessert to your outfit!




Rifle Pink Notebook

I have a little obsession with stylish organizational tool…this festive journal really speaks to me.




Pink Exterior Doors

This is about the time of year I start craving that Indoor/Ourtdoor style of living, and want to pack it all up and move to Southern California.  These pretty pink doors look so perfect with the intricate yellow and blue floor tiling.




ABC Pillows

ABC Carpet and Home is my design mecca.  Walk in those doors and you’ll be lost for hours in a dreamy land of dishes, textiles, and more.  These pretty pink pillows would look great grouped together



This weekend was a blur! Autumn is going by so quickly, I have to make a real concerted effort to enjoy all that the season has to offer before the Holidays take over. We did enjoy a crazy warm Sunday, and did a little exploring of Pioneer Square here in Seattle. Lots of great new restaurants and cocktail bars have been popping up, and it’s always fun to see what’s going on in your own backyard. A couple of things that have been catching my eye…..


I recently purchased these sangria cups from Crate and Barrel, and have been loving them for their Fall look.  On sale now for $2.47!

Sangria Cups


Lauren Conrad’s Beverly Hills home was just featured in this month’s issue of In Style Magazine.  I admire the way she’s tastefully navigated the rise of her celebrity, and become a very young business powerhouse, with impeccable style to boot.

Lauren Conrad's Home Tour


I love making a large salad full of healthy vegetables and grains every Sunday afternoon. I make enough so that I can bring it as lunch all week long. This one seems perfect for the busy week ahead.

Millet and Zucchini Salad


This clear nail polish seems like a great idea, as it actually mimics the opaque look of a nail buffing. I love the idea of a chic clean finish with just a swipe of polish.

Nail Buff


A friend of mine just got back from Napa, and I’m now craving a wine country getaway.  Cave B Inn would be a perfect solution, as it’s only a few hours away, offers stunning views of the Columbia River, and has a delicious in-house restaurant. You can also stay in these fabulous desert yurts, which are actually right in the vineyard. Can’t get more wine country then that!

Cave B Desert Yurts