By Claire
December 24th, 2014

If you’re anything like me, your Christmas gifts are waiting in the closet for their final holiday treatment.  It’s traditional to shop and wrap gifts on Christmas Eve, but the additional step of wrapping everything up can feel a bit stressful with so many things going on this time of year.  I wanted a quick fix, and Adrian Perry is my go-to for the most practical yet stylish solutions to a busy life here in the Northwest.  We asked her to stop by and share a few tricks she has up her sleeves to give those gifts that final, special touch.



Wrapping has become such a fun and creative part of the holiday season, with all of the beautiful papers and note tags, it can be hard to choose from so many options.  Because of this, Adrian likes to keep a stash of non-seasonal wrapping paper year round, and chooses to embellish her gifts with details that speak to that particular holiday or event.  It tends to keep the aesthetic more true to one’s personality, and as she points out, saves a ton of money on constantly buying new rolls of paper.  Paper Source is one of the best spots for gorgeous, high quality neutral paper to keep on hand throughout the year.




A classic black and white palette was chosen with bursts of red throughout.  Rifle Paper Company is a favorite of Adrian’s for their whimsical designs and unique pieces, and was perfect for jazzing up the neutral base…how cute is that mini composition book!?  We love their selection of adhesive gift tags in floral designs as well.  So pretty and festive, and easy to use.

Kate Spade Saturday has been making these awesome printed gift boxes, which are genius for the SUPER last minute gifter.  Just add a bow and you’re set!  Colored kitchen twine is also a nice thing to keep around, as you get a ton of it in each roll, and it always looks pretty wrapping up a gift.



Adrian Wrapping Tutorial 1

Adrian approaches gift wrapping in a similar way to setting a table.  Start with the foundation, she teaches, and work up in layers to allow each detail to stand out as you go.  To start, she visually measures the amount of paper needed by placing the box and cutting away the excess paper, saving that for a smaller gift or homemade note tag later on.



Adrian Tutorial Folding

When folding the ends, take care to make a double fold before taping.  This cleans up all the messy edges you sometimes forget about.  Adrian uses double sided tape inside of the folds as opposed to taping it all down at the end…an ultra polished effect!



Adrian Wrapping Tutorial Creasing Paper

My biggest takeaway from this lesson, is to be sure to crease all edges tightly as you work.  This creates a clean edge and smooths out the surface of the wrapping paper.  It’s no fun to finish your wrapping, only to have a sloppy looking rippling effect going on.



Adrian Wrapping Label

Once you’re finished with the technical wrapping portion, begin to embellish!  Have fun, and think about the person you’re gifting this to.  It’s always nice to incorporate aspects of their personalities into the wrapping…Adrian points out how wonderful it is to see a person light up over the care and thought you’ve given to the presentation of their gift.



20141217_TPS_Adrian_203 (1)

Ta da!  You’re all set for a beautiful and stylish Christmas tree tomorrow morning.  Happy Holidays!  Sending love and joy to all.


Photos by Kettlewerks.




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