By Claire
October 19th, 2015

Ever since my trip to Paris this summer, I’ve been a little extra obsessed with the perfect striped shirt. And, in a kismet sort of way, it seems that every retailer/blogger/fashion editor now sees the stripe as a total basic wardrobe staple.  As in: pair it with a floral print!  Wear it under a serious blazer!  Or, use it as a base for that fabulous statement necklace that always seems tricky to pull off.  Is this iconic French look now a standard for us Americans? I sure hope so, as I think I just counted 12 of them in my closet this afternoon… (yikes, time for a purge I think!) Here’s a roundup of some favorite ways to wear it.


Stripes and Floral Skirts

One combo I’m seeing constantly, especially on Pinterest, is the pairing of stripes and florals.  I love it for it’s playful and carefree nature, as it really lets the wearer walk that line between whimsical and fashion forward.  It seems to me that as long as you match your stripes to at least one color in that floral bouquet, and tuck in the top for a bit of polish, you’re good to go.



stripes chilly

I love the addition of a stripe to Fall staples, as it kind of kicks it up a notch.  Layering a long sleeve stripe under a solid poncho so that you see just a peek of print is one of my new favorite looks. And I’m a sucker for fresh looking wool jackets this time of year… plain old black or brown can get old all season long!



multi color stripes runway

Stripes that walk the modern art line are kind of great… the mix of colors can be endless, and it’s a little more of a high fashion approach. I’ve found some great options at Zara this season, if you need that runway to realway feel, but aren’t looking to break the bank.



celebrity stripes

When celebrities start wearing the trend, you know it’s here to stay.  SJP is one of the best, and whenever I see her exiting her West Village home looking all Carrie Bradshaw-like, I know it’s an outfit that’s worth a second study.  Love the stripe on printed stripe idea, along with the fact that it looks a bit vintage.  Olivia Palermo is another that’s always dressed to a tee, and this is a super chic relaxed combo she’s got going on.  Again, keeping a strong primary color story seems to be the way to pull this off effortlessly.



prints and stripes final

More stripe artsy-ness! An abstract print goes a long way when paired with a basic stripe.  I’m pretty into the idea of your standard work shirt as the base… I have so many in my closet and often get bored with them.  This is a great way to spice things up this Fall!




I’m more than obsessed with statement jewelry, but it can be a little intimidating to know how to wear some of these pieces. This is a great approach above.  Simple stripe top, major necklace, and oversized sunglasses.  Easy as pie!




isabel marant fall 2015 rtw

Another longtime favorite: the striped sweater – bonus points for the addition of buttons on the neckline. Michael Kors has got Glam Americana down to a science, and this little lineup of Supermodels before his show really hits it home. I’m also pretty into bare leg with boots… this year I’m embracing the act of layering, and waiting as long as possible to don tights or leggings, as it feels so much more feminine to show just a little skin as the temps drop.



jenna 1

jenna 3

jenna 2

And, last but not least, the queen of all things striped, Jenna Lyons.  She’s pretty much solely responsible for bringing the basic stripe top back into the wardrobes of countless American women, and encouraging us all to be a bit more daring with this staple.  I love the fact that this woman really lives and embodies her brand, and it’s easy to trust her direction when she’s out there test driving the pieces that end up in our mailboxes every month in the form of J. Crew’s gorgeous catalog. Follow JL’s lead, and you’ll never go wrong.





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