By Claire
February 12th, 2015

Valentines Day might just be the most hotly debated holiday of the year.  Some of us revel in the act of planning elaborate date nights, or crafting over-the-top candy favors, while others loathe the idea of all that forced romance and pressure to create the perfect day.  I’ve found myself on both sides throughout the years, and have finally settled somewhere right down the middle.  The perfect solution to me, is to find a relaxed and simple way to tell those you love in your life, how much you care.  Whether you’re in a romantic relationship or not, the gesture of love is always appreciated, and we thought we’d showcase two easy ways to make this happen.


For that love interest, instead of fighting the crowds for a table at some restaurant Saturday night, why not surprise him with a tray of his favorite morning goodies?  A little New York Times for reading, pastries from that bakery down the street, a great cup of coffee… breakfast in bed is always appreciated by all!  Spending the whole morning together in total relaxation mode is always a winner.



A spread of fruit and croissants is perfect for this type of morning.  If you’re here in Seattle, stop by Bakery Nouveau on Capitol Hill.  Their pastries are to die for, and it’s definitely worth getting there early to skip the long weekend lines.



For a less traditional Valentines celebration, why not spend a little time with that friend you care so much about?  Invite them over for a perfectly pretty breakfast spread, and spoil them with thoughtful details and delicious mimosas!  I always wish I had more time to spend with my girlfriends… a relaxed breakfast or brunch at home is the perfect chance to catch up on each other’s lives.



Locally made granola with seasonal fruit is an easy and delicious breakfast option for a low key get together.  We love Marge Granola for their variety of unique flavors, and the fact that they’re based right here in Seattle.



We love keeping the colors soft and feminine… pale pink flowers and white china set a calming scene.  And an extra touch we love?  Hard candy spoons made of honey… perfect for stirring tea or for eating that yogurt parfait.



Of course you can’t forget the sweets, the perfect finish for any celebration.  Order a batch of sweetheart cookies, or send that friend off with a gorgeous chocolate bar, and you’ll have made their day.



Happy Valentines day to all who celebrate love!


Images by KettleWerks, Styling by Adrian Perry



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