By Claire
May 25th, 2015

Happy Memorial Day everyone!  I hope there are sunny skies, delicious BBQ, and sparkling beverages in your life today.  A few things from the web to make you smile…


Kate Spade has been making short films called #missadventure, and their latest stars Anna Kendrick, who is mistaken for Lily Tomlin’s meditation instructor.  These are such fun to watch, full of that pretty and poppy look that Kate Spade is so famous for, with Anna Kendrick as charming as ever.  Not to mention the product placement throughout, like that fabulous pink flamingo one piece… needing that thing now!



This recipe for Quinoa, Mint and Stone Fruit Salad from the blog, A House In The Hills is delicious!  The author, Sarah Mora always comes up with the best healthy, yet flavorful dishes that are easy to follow and always crowd pleasers.  This one’s perfect for the season, and of course, looks beautiful on the table.



Just picked up a couple of these fringed pillows at West Elm, and they’ve added such a nice pop of color and texture to the couch, plus they’re on sale this weekend.



I started in on this series over the weekend and I’m definitely hooked.  If you like food and travel and restaurants, start watching Chef’s Table now.  It’s an original Netflix series, with each episode taking you into the kitchen of a world famous chef.  They proceed to delve into their history and personal lives and explore the way food has shaped their story and vision.  Inspiring and beautiful to watch.



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